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saving cats with songs!

From our streets, from hunger, from despair


     Is to help underfunded animal shelters provide care for our stray cats (and dogs but we only have songs for Cats - but that could change).

     We are doing this by offering novelty songs about the joys of owning a cat for just one measly dollar! Classics such as 'Meow Means Me,' and 'Stop Sticking Your Butt In My Face,' are crowd pleasers. The heartfelt ballad, 'It's Just Another Hairball,' is written from a cat's point of view and there's even one from a mouse - 'I Laugh In The Face Of The Kitty Cat Tyrant!'. The whole album will only cost $9.99.

     Cat lovers need to unite and help these establishments deal with the problem of strays in the streets who need our help, and shelters provide that opportunity. 

     You know you care, but actions speak louder than words and all it takes is a tiny donation to download a silly song about the joys of having a kitty run your home.


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